Patrick van Harderwijk, the president and founder of Nedreim, has been active in the investment markets for the past twenty years. As a co-founder of Westplan Investors, he has a focus on residential real estate. In 2014 he started a new company to target the Dutch market, the investment manager Nedreim was founded.

Our company is operating within all areas of the Dutch residential market, we provide portfolio and asset management services and (re)development finance for residential real estate. It is our belief that the Dutch residential rental market is lagging behind the American in several ways. Nedreim’s aim is to capitalize on this lag as well as on the current Dutch market conditions. We believe we excel in the way services are provided to our investors, partners and tenants and we focus on understanding and deepening our relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Nedreim is responsible for designing and executing the fund and asset management strategy for various types of residential real estate. We insist on creating our asset plan for different properties and portfolios in close alignment with our investors and we preferably act for equity providers on a stand alone basis. This gives us the ability to execute the applicable management strategy in the most efficient way and tends to create a true partnership between our clients and us. Also, we proved to be able to secure various investment grade products for our investors, by using different types of equity and debt structures. These structures are tailored to the risk-return appetite of the investor and are in accordance with the characteristics of the product acquired. We operate in full transparency and align our interests with those of our investors. Our management team therefore co-invests alongside our clients. In short, we only buy and manage what we believe in.